eBay Humor



Every day there are THOUSANDS of crazy things being sold on eBay. Suppose you just broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and were selling off some of the things they bought you. The ads might read something like this.

 Item:  Stuffed pink elephant-Boyfriend got this for me when he discovered I loved to drink. Slightly used, drool marks removed, almost as good as new. He name is Hic-Up and he is a WONDERFUL pet to sleep with. Much better than my cheating A**HOLE ex-boyfriend.

Price:  5.00

Prefer this goes to a drinker that MAY occasionally actually SEE pink elephants.


Item:  Used Dildo – 10” complete with balls. Completely steam cleaned and ready for use. Boyfriend used THIS as opposed to his MR. HAPPY.HE only had a 4 incher and needed the HELP…

Price:  Free to a good hole home.


Item:  Handcuffs and Rope – Oh come on…You’ve never used handcuffs and a rope? Don’t JUDGE me… You don’t KNOW me… Both these items have wear and tear but are still VERY usable. Rope is a little Frayed…NOT…Hehe…Get it? Frayed Knot… Oh never mind…

Price:  2.00 OR…Best offer…I’m available on Tuesday nights. *BLUSHES*


Item:  Men’s Underwear – OK…Yes they were stained with (???), well, YOU know BUT, they have been washed several times and ALMOST all of the stains are gone now. They are size Medium and fit slim to medium built men, OR, Larger women.

Price:  FREE…Just get these G.D. Things outta here…


Item:  Two boxes of Depends – Don’t ask…My boyfriend and I BOTH liked water sports. You know like water skiing, swimming, etc…*WINK* I would keep these but it brings back to many unhappy memories. Both boxes have NOT been opened; will give to a nursing home or other person interested in water sports.

Price:  Free or perhaps a DATE for other person interested in water sports.


Until Later…


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