10 Questions about cats


I was reading various blogs the other day and I came about these 10 questions about cats. They of course had DIFFERENT answers but I liked MINE better. I hope you enjoy MY responses.

1. What religious festival is popular with cats everywhere?—None, ALL cats are Atheists. Obviously you don’t know much about their Religious Convictions.

2. What is the country popular with cats?—Katmandu of course.

3. What is the capital of their native country—Catness City

4. What is the name of the first Cat Dynasty?—The Meow Dynasty

5. What is the political leaning of many cats?—They don’t lean. They are well balanced animals. i.e. Agile as a cat.

6.  How most cats travel?—On Catamarans…

7.  What is it called when your person runs out of catnip?—DETOX

8.  A favored name for male kitten?—What do I LOOK like a cat naming LEXICOGRAPHER??? Oh OK…OK…SOUR PUSS…

9.  A favored name for a female kitten?—FiFi Le Meeeeeeeeeew.

10. What a feline domicile is called?—A window sill, the TV, a crate, your bed, The list just goes on and on ad infinitum…I have a good one here I just can’t USE it…Hehehehe…

Until Later…

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