Flipper Goes Rogue


Imagine in your head the dolphin Flipper. NOW imagine Flipper trained as a deadly Navy SEAL. Think of the possibilities. Cute, adorable, Smiley faced Flipper, strapped with automatic weapons and knives to his head and flippers.

Well, on March 15th. three Ukrainian Attack trained dolphins left their trainer and did a “See Ya”…Apparently, both the Us AND the Ukraine have been training dolphins to be used as weapons on unsuspecting divers and submarines for years.

So MY concern is WHAT’S NEXT? Perhaps they are training kitty cats to scratch people’s eyes out, or cute little puppies trained to pee on people’s faces until they drown? Or maybe cute baby goats trained to EAT our clothes off so we will die of exposure from heat or cold.

Seriously, does the Military REALLY need to use poor defenseless animals to do their dirty work when we could simply BLOW up the freakin’ Earth 10 times over with the destructive weapons we already have?

I don’t know, this story just really bothered me so I thought I would stand on my soap box and just vent a little here. This world would be a HELL of a lot better off if we just dropped all the pretense of who is the King of the Mountain; had BBQ’S all over the word, shook each other’s hands, and just sang Kumbayah.

Now, will this ever happen, NO? We as people are too self-centered, and are driven for the need for power. It’s too bad really isn’t it? I for one really LIKE BBQ’S…

Anyway, the next time you’re out enjoying the beach, don’t worry about Jaws getting you, watch out for the rogue killer attack dolphins. What a world….SIGHS…

Until Later…

Reference: http://news.slashdot.org/story/13/03/13/1348206/ukrainian-attack-dolphins-are-on-the-loose


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