Ten Fun Facts To Know About Sooz


1.   When I’m NOT working, I’m drinking. Oh wait, you already KNEW that one. How about…I once ate a  6 oz. cup of maggots once on a 250.00 dollar dare. Of COURSE I was drunk…Did you even WONDER???? Gheese.

2.   I enjoy watching very old movies…Especially silent ones. Charlie Chaplin is my favorite.

3.   I am a  Bi-Sexual Nymphomaniac (SEX ADDICT)…Need a date…Call me. 😉

4.   In College, I was a GREAT tennis player. After the ankle problem though…Zippo, Zero, Zilch.  L

5.   I can Juggle…Usually three or four women or men at a time…Just KIDDING…I really can Juggle though.

6.   I have THREE Nipples…Just wanted to see if you were paying attention here…Hehehehe…

7.   I worked on my college newspaper as an advice columnist… Guess what my column was called??? 😉

8.   I used to do magic at kids parties as a clown.

9.   I am VERY good at poker…Wanna play STRIP poker with me sometime???…Hehehehe..

10.  I have a knack for understanding and figuring out people. I could have been a profiler for the FBI…

11.  I know I said 10 things but # 6 really didn’t count so here goes:
I speed read…Yup, that’s right, I can finish a 400 page book in 15 minutes… It helps with the job…

So…did that give you a little more insight??? It was fun, I hope you enjoyed it….

Until Later…

23 thoughts on “Ten Fun Facts To Know About Sooz

  1. Very insightful madam. #3 would have worked about 15 years ago…. 😉 #9 I used to be a fantastic strip poker players…… #10 I also have this knack, really helped me a lot when hiring people.


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    • It took me two different courses and several weeks of practice to do that. It DOES help in my business though. As for poker, I used to play a lot of Strip Poker in College and saw MANY dicks Hehehehehehe….I was very good OR they were very bad, ::)


  3. My experience with strip poker:

    Me: Royal flush. Say goodbye to your panties.
    Her: I’m not playing anymore.
    Me: Why not?
    Her: You stack the deck!
    Me: Why do you say that?
    Her: This is you eight Royal flush in a row! In suit sequence no less!
    Me: heh-heh-heh-heh-heh…Sorry. 😀


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