Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I have a concern that I really need your help with. My boyfriend frequents this Restaurant/Bar he has been going to for years with his friends and one of the waitresses that works there is getting married.

She has invited him but not me. Here’s the thing, my boyfriend doesn’t really dance. He has only slow danced with me a couple of times and when I asked him not to slow dance with anyone, he became all indignant and told me I was being controlling.

I have spoken to both my male and female friends about this and they say that I am in the right. What do you have to say about this?

Dancing in the dark


Dear Dancing:

You ARE being a controlling BITCH. A dance is just that…A dance. Get off his ass about it. If you expect your relationship to go any further, get OVER your insecurities and let him have a FREAKIN’ dance. It’s not like he’s gonna pull Mr. Happy out right there on the dance floor and NAIL her to a wall.

I suggest you see someone about your insecurities unless your boyfriend has done something that causes you to feel this way. If he HAS, I would rethink the relationship. If he hasn’t, get off his F**KING ASS…

Look at it this way; if he is such a bad dancer, he will probably just end up  being a wallflower anyway so…GET OVER IT…Have a nice day…


Dear Sooz:

When my daughter and grandson visit my house looks like Hurricane Ike hit after they leave. I always taught my children manners, to respect adults, and their property. My daughter just let’s my grandson run wild and he gets into everything he can think of. When it’s time for them to go, she doesn’t even bother to pick up his mess. I would say something here but I don’t want to create a rift. What can I do?

Hair pulling Harry


Dear Hair Pulling:

It’s YOUR house and YOUR rules buster. If you taught your children so well, WHY is she disrespecting you so? Law down the law, if she lets him run rampant then SHE should be the one to clean up the mess. Sit her down calmly and explain what this is doing to you and your health. I’m sure that she will understand and be more respectful in the future. If she isn’t, then cut remind her that this is YOUR house and you should NOT have to clean up someone else’s mess. Good luck…


11 thoughts on “Just Ask Sooz

  1. LOL No she isn’t being a bitch. It is reasonable. Slow dancing is usually boobs to chest crotch to crotch. If they are two stepping or doing other styles of dancing that is different. But if he doesn’t know how to dance then it is kinda iffy. Then again I can be a bitch. 😉


  2. I don’t know about that slow dance. Why does she even wanna dance with my man when she has one of her own? That’s weird. My man can buy her a drink or coffee or get a some bridal shower gift but dance with our own man. I dont care if that makes me a jealoud bitch either!
    But if it means that much to them, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind me pressing my boobies against her fiance for a dance? tit for tat….


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