10 Most Asked Questions I Get From the Internet


  • Are You REALLY Bi-Sexual…Yes…I carry around a Vagina with me at ALL times, and a PENIS (Strap-on) in my bedroom drawer.


  • Why Don’t You Show Us Who You Are Via Your Picture? Well… I am a VERY private person and I only show it to those who I really believe who they are. Call me paranoid but that’s how it is. Once I get to know you I will send it via E-Mail. Hint: I MAY have put it into one of my blogs before. J


  • Are You REALLY a NYMPHOMANIAC? …YES, but my analyst calls it Heightened Sexual Response Syndrome. I really DO like to F**K OK???


  • Describe What You Look Like … I have a striking resemblance to Dana Delany from “Body of Proof”… That’s all I’m sayin’. We could be Twins.


  • Do you REALLY Own a Marketing Agency? … Yes, I have now for over a year.


  • What’s Your Educational Background? …Why? Are you offering me a job? Hehehehe…. I have a BA in Business and a Masters in Marketing. I also have a minor in Psychology and Math.


  • How Did You Get Involved in Blogging? … Well…I needed a release from the pressures of everyday life and I have always wanted to try my hand at Humor, so, I thought I would TRY it out through Blogging.


  • Are You Funny in Everyday Life or is Blogging Your Alter Ego? …That’s an interesting question, I have always WANTED to be considered funny in everyday life, BUT, Blogging has brought my alter ego out. I BELIEVE I am funny in normal everyday life but still have my doubts.


  • Do You Ever Feel DOWN, I mean your Blogs are always UP. …Of COURSE I feel down sometimes, I am a regular Human Being just like YOU are and I have my Up and Down days just as much as anyone else does.


  • Do you feel that people JUDGE you because you are Bi-Sexual? …Yes…ALL the time. It’s a shame really because I can’t HELP who I am or how I was born. I just hope that in time, people will come to know me as a Human Being just as they are and not label me because of my Sexual preferences.


Until Later…



9 thoughts on “10 Most Asked Questions I Get From the Internet

  1. Ooh, real answers to real question! Sooz unplugged. Hey, I’ve shown you my pic, he he he *winks and leers….* now show me yours! 😀 And here all this time I thought that was you in the pic drinking some box wine. People judge you? Really? To heck with ’em. What people do in the privacy of their own home, or public park benches or water fountains(for those of us who enjoy that…) is their own business!


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