Truth or Dare


I’ve decided to start a new segment here called Saturday Truth or Dare. Here are the rules. You may choose either ME or any other player here and give them either a question that they must answer truthfully when asked OR, you can dare them to tell you a secret about their lives either past or present that no one knows.

I of course will be playing the game drunk most of the time but feel free to be sober if you wish. Since I am the one starting this, I will go first and answer something about myself that no one knows.

When I was 16, I was arrested for being drunk and disorderly at the Zoo. Don’t ask…My mother luckily came down to the precinct, talked to someone she “KNEW”, and low and behold, I was freed without anything being on my record. The only punishment I got was no phone privileges for a week. I did it standing on my head. I would just sneak out at night and talk to my friends in person. Hehehehe.

So…Pick someone you want to play with, Send them the link for the rules and then send their replies back to me. I think this should be a hoot don’t you? We can really LEARN something about each other and have some good old clean fun.

So…Who will be the first two brave players??? Awwww Come on…It will be fun, I promise.

Until Later…


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