Sooz’s Bucket List


Climb Mt Everest—Well OK maybe not but how about go there and take a PICTURE of it? Oh Hell…I’ll just BUY a freakin’ post card…Gheese.

Sing in a Country Western Band—I don’t CARE if I can’t carry a tune damnit, I STILL wanna DO it…

Open and Close a Bar—CHECK… WHAT??? You’ve NEVER done that???

Have sex with Megan Fox, Brad Pitt, and Tiger Woods…Hey…Why do you THINK they call him Tiger??? So…If any of you are reading this, email me and I will give you my number. Let’s DO this deed. One at a time OR all three of you together…Wink…

Drive a Formula 1 Race Car—This one I will Definitely do before I die.

Learn to Fly—“Very Funny”, I MEANT a plane silly…Not just sitting around in my living room getting drunk.

Quit Drinking—Yeah, like THAT is gonna happen.

Be IN a commercial—I put them together all the time…THIS time I wanna STAR IN one…Hell…I can act…TRY me…

Ride a Bob Sled –OR better yet…Just ride BOB…Hehehehehe….My Bad…

Be IN the Guiness Book of Worlds Records for Something–I know, How about world’s LONGEST time in bed having SEX…I can DO this thing…Who’s WITH me???

I have many more but let’s see how These go over first. Let me know if you want to see more. If you DON’T…Just keep your mouths SHUT then…Smiles…

Until Later…






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