Nun Sensual -I Mean Sensical


In one of my former comments in my Truth or Dare post, I spilled that growing up I always wanted to become a Nun. After all, I Am Irish Catholic. I mean being Irish Catholic there are only two professions that the priests wanted you to go into:

  • Teaching-Not really my thing, I would rather eat GLASS than teach.
  • Nundom

Of the TWO, I chose Nundom. As a child, I always thought that Nuns were like gods. They wore all those cool ropes and stuff and wielded RULERS like Light Sabers. No one EVER talked back to them because we were all afraid that GOD would intervene and with His mighty Lightning Bolt and send us all to Hell.

As I grew older and wiser, like around the teenage years, I discovered two important reasons for NOT wanting become a Nun:

  • They didn’t DRINK (Well at least that I could see).
  • They didn’t have SEX!!!!! SERIOUSLY????????

Since I had done BOTH of these things at a very early age, I decided that Nundom was NOT the thing for me. Don’t get me wrong, I STILL respect them, Hell I STILL would NEVER CROSS them ’cause who knows…Those Lightning Bolts might STILL be in play.

Instead…I became what I am today, a Workaholic, Nymphomaniac, DRUNK…Don’t judge me here folks as I am VERY competent at ALL of my professions. I consider ALL of the above to be my professions as they are ALL a part of who I am, and all of them take up quite a bit of my time. Oh well…It IS what it is…

It really IS too bad in a way about the lack of sex and drinking as a Nun though, I really use to DIG those cool rulers…

Until Later…


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