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Dear Sooz:

I am embarrassed to write you about this because I am somewhat prudish. My boyfriend is “Very Sexually Oriented”. He loves sex in all different positions and he especially loves blow jobs. I have always been used to the Missionary position and haven’t really been too creative in the sack.

He continually wants me to try anal sex and will always request that I give him a blow job. I am uncomfortable about anal sex due to the pain and I also have a very low gag reflex. I am afraid however that he will leave me if I don’t comply.

Am I being too rigid here? Do you feel that I am wrong in my thinking? What would you recommend I do to keep us BOTH happy?

Prudish Penny


Dear Prudish Penny:

Sex is an important thing to pretty much ALL men. I am lucky because I am a very adventurous woman and LOVE any kind of sex. I have heard from many women and it’s about 50/50 on anal sex, some love it and others think it is very uncomfortable. Blow Jobs, however, are something that MOST men want and is something that I recommend that you practice to get better at performing.

AT first you may have to have a couple drinks ahead of time to get a little loose. I have found that being a little tipsy makes it easier if you have a low gag reflex. Start taking a little bit of his cock in your mouth at a time. Then, take a little more and a little more until you can take ALL of him.

Concentrate heavily on his testicles at first as this will add to his pleasure. After a little practice, you will become a lot more comfortable with it and your boyfriend will also have a big smile on HIS face.

A far as Anal sex, if you both decide to try it, make sure that you are WELL lubricated. Poppers also help make it feel a LOT better. You can find them in any sexual toy shop.

I wish you much success in this and remember…Practice really DOES make perfect…Good luck…




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