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Dear Sooz:

I have somewhat of a sticky wicket to discuss here. My husband and I were at a wedding recently and one of our married friends’ husband was dancing with and feeling up one of the brides maids.

The bridesmaid appeared to be very drunk and he probably was too, but, he was doing things with her that are usually are only done in the bedroom. I know his wife didn’t see such on goings otherwise there would have been a scene.

I am in a quandary because I don’t know if I should inform his wife, or just chalk it up to the alcohol and the event and let things go. They are very good friends of ours and I don’t wanna make waves, yet, I do think his wife should know. What would you advise me to do?

Confused in Kansas


Dear Confused in Kansas:

You have run into the “Classic” wedding slut scenario here. We, (I mean THEY), get drunk and just wanna have a good time with whoever will take advantage of the situation. I have been here many times.

Let me just say this, you said you are VERY good friends right? Well, let me tell you, at a wedding, there is ALWAYS someone who will get drunk and wanna start a little extracurricular activity if you know what I mean.

Alcohol will do strange things to our libidos. I’m sure the guy in this situation was also drunk and was just having a good time. Now, does this make it RIGHT? No, of course not, BUT, if you go and spill the beans to his wife, you could be opening up a WHOLE different can of worms.

In my opinion, just leave matters alone. What they did was wrong but under the influence of alcohol we ALL do stupid things. There is no sense in ruining a marriage for a little” feel me if you can” scenario. Now, if you notice him doing this blatantly on the outside of this kind of event, then YES, I would be the first to tell the wife what he is doing so when the S**T hits the fan she can at least be well prepared. I hoped this has helped you.



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