I received this and tears started to flow



I received this and tears started to flow as I read her letter. I just HAD to answer this one straight…


Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I may have a drinking problem. Yes, that’s right, a drinking problem. I, like you am a 41 year old woman who has suffered through the childhood of an alcoholic mother.

I swore that I would never follow in her footsteps yet here I am. I drink on a regular basis, day, afternoon, then when I wake up, through the evening until I pass out. I am what many I guess would call a “party girl”, I just call myself a drunk.

As a “party girl” I frequent the bars and I seem to always go home with someone different. I, like you, love sex and just feel that in order to obtain the “best” feeling possible, need to be in a drunken state.

Now, I do have a job which I do very well at, even though I am usually high.  I seem to be able to keep it together during the day, but, At night, I become a different person and just don’t seem to care who I sleep with when drunk.

Am I an alcoholic, is there any way to get off of this merry-go-round? I need your advice here because I feel like I am in a “no return” spiral.

Drunk in Dallas


Dear Drunk in Dallas:

Normally, I would write you a funny reply, BUT, since YOUR situation is “very” similar to mine, I will give you the advice I can only hope you understand. First off, “I” am an alcoholic. Yes, a high functioning alcoholic but an alcoholic none the less.

I understand your problem FIRST HAND. In MY case, being a Nymphomaniac, it is hard to say what YOUR sexual needs are. I TOO have always been happier with sex when drunk. Now, does this mean that I HAVE to be drunk in order to enjoy good sex, Seriously, I don’t know my dear?

What I DO know is that alcohol should NOT be the MEANS in order for you to have a healthy sexual relationship. Speak to a counselor, a family member that you trust, or your clergy member about this…

I KNOW the evil effects that alcohol can have on you and I also understand that it is NOT easy to break this cycle. Go to AA, get a great sponsor who can help you deal with this. Please…See a shrink who can help you through this as I have. I will send you my number if you need someone to talk to so PLEASE reach out to me.

Always remember, we are sisters in kind. You help ME, and I most definitely will help YOU…

Until Later…



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