If I Was a Dog


Ever wish you were a dog? I do…Think about it, they get fed twice a day, scratched behind their ears, talked sweetly to, someone ELSE cleans up their POOP, and they basically just lay around lounging all day. OK…let’s be honest, I also lay around lounging all day, BUT, I could REALLY go for the Scratching behind the ears thingy. No one has EVER done that for me.

The next thing would be….What breed of dog would I be? I have NOTHING against little fu-fu dogs, BUT, I think I would wanna be more of a medium size dog like a……..PIT BULL. I KNOW what you’re thinking, “Sue…How could you be a Pit Bull, they’re dangerous.”

To THAT I say POPPY COCK (Always have loved that word), or perhaps BUUULLLL DUUUUUST… Hehe…Fooled you didn’t I? You thought I was gonna say something else.

Pit Bulls are loving animals as long as they are brought up in a loving family. I would CERTAINLY make sure I was adopted by a loving family; otherwise, I would have to RIP them to shreds er, I mean find another family.

I would be VERY playful. I would chase the ball, retrieve the ball, and perhaps even EAT the ball. Hey…We have big jaws ya know and we LOVE to chew. Cuddly…OMG yes. I would be in your lap CONSTANTLY. There’s a good chance you would be licked a lot as I love to use my huge wet tongue to kiss you.

I would of course require a nice comfortable bed, YOURS would be nice actually. Don’t forget that being a VERY energetic dog I will need a HUGE amount of attention, hmmmmm…Just like NOW… Hey, at least as a dog when I’m called a Bitch the meaning would be true. Hehehehehe…

Until Later….


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