Let me Pinch Your Ass

OK…I admit it…Sue me, I LOVVVVVVVE asses. If you have an ass, I wanna pinch it. Male, Female, I don’t care, big, or small, I love them all. Oh man…Now I sound like Dr. Seuss, or is that Dr. Sooooooz? Hehehehe…

I’ve had this fetish since I was a kid. When ever I would see an ass, I wanted to pinch, fondle, or blatantly out right squeeze that sucker. So…What IS it about asses you ask, you WERE asking weren’t you, the answer remains a mystery to me.

I think it’s because I used to have a teddy bear when younger, and for some unknown reason, I would always seem to grab and feel it’s ass. As I recall it was sooooooooo soft that I just couldn’t help myself. I just seemed to have NO control.

Yikes, now I can see al the Psych’s out here in Thoughts Land stroking their chins and thinking how much they would love to get me on their couch. To this I would say, “Well…let me feel your ASS and we’ll TALK.

I can see it all now, Lying on their couch while they ask questions like:

 “Did you LOVE your mother and father?”—Of COURSE…

 “Did you ever used to kill or torture small animals as a kid?”–Do FLIES count???

 “Did you masturbate much as a kid?”–As a KID, Teenager, NOW, Yes, Yes and Yes…

Anyway…Just a thought, if you ever meet me in person, and you feel that little tap on your ass while in a meeting, or on the street, pay no attention, it’s just me pretending you were my Teddy Bear…

Until Later…

11 thoughts on “Let me Pinch Your Ass

  1. Didn’t the Air Force officer in charge of sexual harassment control just get busted for grabbing some woman’s ass in a parking lot when he was drunk? Maybe that is why harassment has the word ass right in it.


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