Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I have a very embarrassing question. I am an 18 year old virgin who wants to make love with my boyfriend. The trouble is, we are both virgins and are both shy about well, doing it.

He has reservations about how he will perform and I am worried that I won’t be able to satisfy him. We both *want* to, we are just scared. Can you give us any advice? I am turning to you because I don’t feel comfortable talking about such a private matter with any of my friends or my mom.

Unsexy Suzie

Dear Unsexy Suzie:

First of all…NICE name…Hehehehe.  Oh honey…You have come the Luuuuuve Dr. and I sincerely understand your dilemma. It IS odd in today’s day and age that someone of your age hasn’t already taken the proverbial plunge into sexual delight.

Let me assure you, you will both be fine. The more you WORRY about NOT pleasing each other, the greater the tension will be and then NO ONE will experience the pleasure you truly deserve.

Get a few things together first. If you drink, have a couple nips beforehand, this will help you BOTH relax and make for a better first time. Next, buy some lubricant. I can NOT stress this enough. I seriously doubt that your Hyman is still intact, BUT…Better to be safe than sorry.

Next, make sure you have condoms available, no point in taking any chances having a little Diaper Changing SURPRISE in nine months. TELL your boyfriend what feels good to you. Take his hand and show him how you wanna be touched. Men WANT to be good lovers, trouble IS, most have to be taught, they are NOT mind readers after all.

Take it slow, undress each other slowly. Tease him; kiss him lightly at first and then harder as the passion ignites. Foreplay is paramount. Let him know that you wanna take a while to get your engine roaring. Here is where the lubricant comes into play. Make sure that your WHO HA is WELL LUBED. The more lube the better. This will help the first time go a lot easier.

As far as not satisfying HIM, NO WORRIES, once he sees you nude, and touches your breasts, he will be LUCKY if he doesn’t lose his load before he even enters you. Just have him go slow and tell him to touch you sensually.

If you do as I’ve mentioned, BOTH you AND Mr. Happy will be well satisfied. Hint…Make sure you have PLENTY of condoms. I’m SURE after the first time, he will want to try it again and again…Hope all goes well…

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