I Just GAVE Blood


This is sort of a funny rant. I donate blood regularly. I know that the need is always there and well, it is just a good thing to do. OK…I hear snickering behind my back….”How can you donate BLOOD Sooz when most of your body is comprised of ALCOHOL?” I would respond in a sober and civilized manner, however, that is NO LONGER possible.

Here’s the thing, every time I go to give blood, (I think it is every 6 weeks), I get a card that tells me when I go in for my next appointment. Being a relatively intelligent and well organized individual, I come home, get drunk, I mean put the appointment on my calendar, and I’m done.

The thing that ticks me off is this, The Red Cross calls me EVERY DAY. No lie…every F**KING day. Wouldn’t you think in a world full of vast technology and SMART ASS SUPER COMPUTERS they would KNOW when I last donated blood?

Honestly, The Red Cross is worse that telemarketers. The thing is, you can’t even PUT them on your do not call list because I have given my blood voluntarily and NOW it is OK for them to call ‘cause it’s not like a solicitation call.

Another thing, they must have like 2 Gazillion different workers there because not ONCE have I spoken to the same person. I am usually very nice when they call and just say something like, “ I just donated YESTERDAY and can’t give again for 6 weeks.” They say, “OK, we will put that in our records so no one calls you before the designated time period.”

The next day…Ring….Ring….”Hello, this is Bla Bla Bla from The Red Cross Calling about donating blood, we see that you are a repeat donor and as such we” …………Ad Nauseam. I just don’t GET it…*Scratches head*.

I think the NEXT time they call, (That would be tomorrow as they have ALREADY called today), I am just going to say something like this: “Sue can’t come to the phone right now, she has been donating blood DAILY and is in the HOSPITAL getting a BLOOD transfusion.” Gheeeeeese… Thanks for listening.

Until Later…

CC:  The Attorney General
        The Red Cross
         Anyone who will HEAR my plea

2 thoughts on “I Just GAVE Blood

  1. Have a great friend with a boy with leukemia. He had two transfusions and platelets last week. You would get two likes from me just for giving blood! Fun post though. Did actually “like” it.


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