Just Ask Sooz–ADULT—No one under 18 Admitted__


Dear Sooz:

The question I am going to ask is very embarrassing but I am going to ask it anyway. My boyfriend has a fetish, well, really 2 fetishes. The first one is, he wants me to get drunk and pee my pants. He says that this would really excite him and that it would make sex so much better for him.

I, on the other hand, while I don’t mind getting drunk, feel very uneasy about the peeing in my pants thing. What’s the deal with that? It’s not that he can’t cum without me doing it; I just think it is extremely weird.

The second fetish he has wants me to have sex with another man while he watches. This one freaks me out as I am a good lover Sooz and don’t understand why he would want me to do this.

I really love my boyfriend, we have been together for three years now, but these fetishes seem to have all of a sudden overcome him. What should I do?

Forgotten in Fetish Land


Dear Forgotten:

First off, let me address fetishes. Since the dawn of time, ONE sex has been KNOWN to be KINKY…Let’s just call them Ummmmmm…MEN… The simple act of making love is JUST not enough for some of them. Sometimes they NEED to have that little something EXTRA to REALLY excite them. Yes, I know, sometimes it is off the charts, BUT THEN, men ARE off the charts.

 The Watersports Fantasy has been around forever my love. If you LOVE him, my suggestion for you, what is a little wetness in your pants before he takes them off and ravishes you, GO WITH IT.

As for fetish number 2, while *I* would be into it, not everyone would. Tell him about your deep rooted concerns, and ask him, if you DO consent to his watersports fetish, will he give UP his fetish for you and another Guy. If he doesn’t, it is up to you to make that decision my love… Good Luck…








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