Adult Sex Survey–No one under 18 Admitted–

I’ll be honest…I was a little drunk when I thought of this BUT…I still thought it would be fun…I will give you MY answers to these tomorrow. REALLY…I WILL…

If you answer TRUTHFULLY…I may just send this out to a couple thousand people and then write a book…So….Let’s see what ya got people…DON’T BE BASHFUL NOW……..

1.   Do you like sex?

2.   On a scale of 1-10, how MUCH do you like sex?

3.   How many times a day do you THINK about sex OR ABOUT something sexy?

4.   How many times a day do you Masturbate?

5.   Have you ever had a Threesome?

6.   Would you LIKE to have a threesome? My number is 1-800-555-3754…*SMILES*

7.   Do you like having sex better totally sober OR a little drunk?

8.   Ever had sex in a car?…In a bar…In a jar??? Sorry, Dr. Seuss taking over there for a minute…

9.   Do you like taking your partners clothes off?

10.  Have you ever worn your partners Panties, Boxers, Bra’s etc?

11.  Have you ever role played while having sex?

12.  Do you like it…Slow and Easy….Rough and tumble…Or DEPENDS?

13.  Do you have any fetishes? Shoes, Water Sports, Bondage?

14.  How many times a week do you have sex? ***DON’T LIE***

15.  Do you like giving/receiving blow jobs?

16.  Have you ever had sex in a public place…Park…Elevator…Neighbors Water Fountain? If so…WHERE?

17.  Have you ever watched someone else having sex BESIDES TV OR MOVIES? I’m talking LIVE here baby…Hehehe..

18.   Do you use sex toys while making love with your partner?

19.   Do you enjoy sex on the spur of the moment or like to plan your love making?

20.  Would you rather have your partner be tall dark and handsome, beautiful as a model or Funny?

21.  Have you ever tried anal sex?

22.  Would you consider trying anal sex?

23.  What is your favorite sex position?

24.  How many times a week would you LIKE to have sex?

25.  Describe your ULTIMATE sex partner either male or female…

26.  How many partners have you had: 1-10……10-20….20-30…., OR more?

27.  Have you ever had sex while driving a car?

28.  Do you prefer oral sex or intercourse?

29.  Do you have a favorite time of day or night you enjoy having sex?

30.  Have you ever had a one night stand?


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