Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I’m really embarrassed to ask this question but I really need your expert opinion. Here goes, for the lack of better wording, I have the “hots” for my pool guy, (blushes).

I am a 38 year old woman who has never been married and has never had any long term relationships. Here’s the thing, he is only about 23 or 24ish. If the truth be known, I am shy. I would very much like to get to know this guy as he looks like an Adonis and has a smile to kill for.

I feel like such a fool having to ask this question at my age, but, this guy really floats my boat. Any suggestions on how I can snag this little cutie?

Off The Deep End


Dear Off The Deep End:

Sister, sister, sister…Try this, TALK TO HIM. If you’re too shy to do that, then do what we women have done since time began…Be CUNNING, MANIPULATIVE, and use EVERY Feminine Wild you possess.

Here’s what I would do. If you have a nice figure, I would be IN the pool on the day he normally cleans it. Wear a Sexy Bikini, the ones with the tie straps on the panties are VERY man enticing, (So I’ve Heard)…*SMILES*…

When he comes in with the skimmer, smile and say, “I really like that Long Skimming Pole you have”, then giggle… Next, say, “I thought you were cleaning the pool tomorrow, my bad”. “While you’re here though, would you mind rubbing some suntan lotion on me, I burn easily.”

Next, offer him a cool drink so he can watch your ass wiggle as you walk into the house. I KNOW this sounds foolish and childlike, BUT, BELIEVE me it works. I once used the SAME approach with MY pool guy. BTW, with him being younger, he will give you a VERY good time.

Unless he is gay or married, he SHOULD take the hint. Just slip into the conversation that you’re single and that you just LOVE his eyes. This gets them every time. My guess, unless he is blind or slow, he will get it and will be more willing to talk. When the moment is right, invite him to your place for dinner and let the FUN begin. If the above doesn’t work, I hear the drug Rohypnol works wonders….Hehehehe… JUST KIDDING… Hope things work out for you two.

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