Wicked Wednesday–Sex, Suds, and Sooz–

Nymphomania is something I have had to deal with all my life. The clinical term I’ve heard for it is hyper=sexual disorder. For years I thought I was merely cursed with a higher than average sex drive that made me want to screw ANYTHING that moved.

I also learned early on that I was sexually interested in both men AND women. Funny….Heterosexuality is actually HARD for me to understand as is same sex for strictly Lesbianism or Homosexuality in men. I just assumed that EVERYBODY was like ME until I found out that *I* was the odd ball out.

Drinking beer, and lots of it, helped me come to grips with what my sexuality was. Drunk, I didn’t CARE if I was ridiculed or called a slut. I KNEW what I was, The alcohol just helped to mask the pain.

I NEED sex, I CRAVE it… My body is ALWAYS in a constant state of Horniness. Pick a day that you felt like you could go to a bar, take the first man or woman you see and F**K them all night long. If you can imagine that, That’s how I am 24/7.

Now, am I a drunken slut, YES…I am…Just don’t judge me. I am also a nice person who is creative and loves people…NOT THAT WAY….I KNOW that’s what you were thinking. Being a Nympho also has it’s setbacks though too. For example, it’s hard to carry on a relationship with someone that knows you wanna f**k anything that has two legs. You see, the problem is, almost everyone I’ve met can NOT keep up with my sexual needs. SERIOUSLY… I can’t blame THEM ‘cause it’s ME that has the want or NEED I should say.

I NEED to have my genitals touched, Usually, I TRY and be good and just masturbate myself 6-8 times a day. IT’S TRUE. Sometimes when I can no longer stand it, I’ll put on a mini with a fine see through blouse and wear either a sexy black or red laced bra. I have the panties or thong to match of course.

Attracting men is a snap. Being attractive, I never have a problem with them buying me a drink or ten. When the time is right, I will go to the ladies room. Usually, by this time I am already wet and a little drunk, I make sure my panties are wet by feeling my twat while my panties are still on.

Then, I take off my panties, put them in my purse or clutch bag and HAND them discreetly to the man that’s buying me the drinks. Works EVERY time. Once he gets my wet panties, within an hour we are back to my place doing the horizontal mambo…To be continued next Wednesday…

60 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday–Sex, Suds, and Sooz–

  1. It is hard when things bother you….and I can feel your own suffering in this. I have no idea what it would be like but I do know some people go to therapy for it. Not that I am suggesting that. Goodness if anyone needs therapy it would be me….and I am not doing that either. I think I would rather just get it wrong. But I do feel the thread of pain here. How relationships and love etc interrelate. And having lovers who understand and are actually ,well, lovers. As someone above said this is a brave post, by a brave person….


  2. It sounds like something that burns in you, and perhaps for me to relate that is the only way I can – like when I go out suddenly irrationally, without any regard for my self respect or all the things in my life family and job etc, I just go out and get myself humiliated and put myself in some ways at real risk of actual shame and harm. It seems to me that it overwhelms you, and you do not feel good about it. Honestly Sooz, if I can call you that, you should not feel shame. What you need (apart from satiation) is people you trust, people who care for you, and someone who loves you. You will always need to have this sex though, I suspect. It drives you, and it hurts you. Friends of mine in rehab for other things told me about this addiction a while ago. That is what they called it. And as I say, there were therapists for it. But I just do not trust therapists. I would rather do meditation or Tai Chi or something to try to still that inner burn. But no matter what you do, if you blaze with it, I just cannot see you completely defeating it. At one level it is part of your identity now, part of who you are. Amazing as it may seem, if it were hollowed out of you somehow, your life would feel as if something were missing I suspect.

    Now maybe what I have said is not right. In fact some of the things I have said there do not all go together. But you have to experiment with things that calm, wiiht things that satisfy, with things that distract, and well, wiht what you can. But you also need peoople around yuo who are good people, not people who will use yuo and speak badly of you. You are a person, a good person, a brave and wonderful person actually. And there is no need to feel humble in relation to me, no need at all. We are both on hard roads of discovery I suspect, and I admire what you are exploring and trying to do.


  3. You’re a legend. Yes, I’m currently finishing a bottle of red wine (drinking alone – HELL yeah), I’m smoking a cigarette, and I’m contemplating an early night….. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. **WINK WINK WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE NUDGE NUDGE**
    And as for the heterosexuality thing? I think you’ll find there are MANY more women who find other women attractive in *THAT WAY* than we realise. I’m one of them. Why wouldn’t I find women attractive? WE’RE AMAZING.
    And if I was a man, I’d have an erection right now.


  4. Love the honesty. There was something very raw and revealing about your post that struck a chord with me. You’ve made me consider writing something very honest about one of my own personal experiences which is quite similar to yours. Very inspiring. Thank you. Xx


  5. There have been zero times when a girl has handed me her wet panties in a bar. I must be doing something wrong. Or I’m going to the wrong bars… So which bars do you hang out at? 😉


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