Sexy Tuesday–Restless Nights–


Night’s shadow masks the Day’s light as I rest my weary head.
Visions of a summer’s day flash before my heavy eyes.

I’m reminded of picnics past, and picnics still to come.
I’ engulfed by your smiling eyes, as they dance upon the corners of my wandering mind.

Hand in hand, we walk, embracing the laughter that touches my wanton heart.

The eyes of my graceful goddess sends comfort to my restless soul.

Sleep, oh precious sleep, why doth thou forsake me?

Rest thy head in comforts knowledge, as my love returns by week’s mark.

Be still thy beating heart, for if patience makes the heart grow stronger,
Then mine shall embrace loves passion as do boulders rest upon a statuesque mountainside.

I sleep now the restful sleep, as I dream about thy beauty in night’s embrace.

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