Wicked Wednesday-The Fluffernutter-

****************NO ONE UNDER 18 ADMITTED****************


Today I am going to be talking about Masturbation. Yes, I know, what does a Fluffernutter have to do with Masturbation? NOTHING…I just thought the name sounds euphemistically better than Masturbation.


Masturbation has such a dirty name here in the US and I hope I can change that way of thinking. As most of you who read me know, I am a Nymphomaniac. Because I have such a HIGH sex drive, I NEED to either have sex with a partner 6-8 times per day…BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….OR, masturbate…DING DING DING!!!


Let me just clear up a couple of age old taboos here. First of all, if you masturbate a LOT, you are NOT going to go crazy. Take me, for example, I am living proof. OK…I HEARD that comment way back in the cheap seats.


Secondly, you are NOT going to go BLIND, well, completely blind anyway, you MAY have to get glasses eventually….JUST KIDDING…Hmmmmmm….


Last, masturbation is NOT dirty. We NEED it to relieve stress and relax. There now, feel better? Now you can have a fluffernutter all you want without having ANY reservations.


For those of you women out there who may not know HOW to FLUFF and give yourself great orgasms, let me help walk you through it. First, you need a Vagina…Check… I’m going here today with a Woman’s masturbation technique because well, I’m a woman. Of course, I ALSO know how to FLUFF men but today, it’s ALL about us woman. Pay attention guys, you just MIGHT learn something.


Now, if you are a little shy about your body and don’t cum to  orgasm, let me help you out here. I am usually a little drunk, (except while at work), I just feel that this adds to my orgasm. I am NOT saying however that YOU have to be under the influence of alcohol, for me, it just helps me to relax.


Now, there are two types of Orgasms, clitoral, and vaginal. At work, or if I just need a quickie, I go for the clitoral orgasm. At home however, I go for the BIG BAD BANG orgasm.


For the clitoral orgasm, I just wet my fingers with my tongue, and then wet my pussy. I stroke myself up and down along the outside of my vaginal lips, then I place two fingers inside and slowly make a circle around my clit. I am VERY careful however not to touch it yet as I want to build the excitement. I LOVE my breasts and nipples felt so with my other hand, I am usually cupping and gently squeezing my breasts and then pinching my nipples while I slide my finger like a cock in and out of my pussy.


I do this for a while until I am nice and excited, then, I slowly rotate my two wet fingers around my clit. It doesn’t take me long to feel the urgency to cum. I can now feel a wave of NEED pulsating through my body.


I lean back, spread my legs wide, and re-enter myself with my wet fingers. It takes no longer than 5 seconds for the wave to overcome me and my body just pulsates and explodes with excitement.


Try it ladies….You’ll LIKE it…Next week, I will explain how to make most any woman squirt from the pleasure of a vaginal orgasm….Stay tuned guys and gals…


Until Later…

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