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Dear Sooz:

This may sound trivial but to me, it is a problem I need solved. My next door neighbor has a pet Poodle. The problem is, my neighbor works all day and leaves the dog out all the time. It barks continuously. I am retired and I have to listen to that incessant noise all day.

I have spoken to my neighbor about this but she maintains that I am the one with the problem. She even suggested I just buy earplugs so the barking wouldn’t affect me so much. Sooz, am I crazy or what? Why should I have to buy earplugs when it’s her dog creating all the ruckus?

Legally there is nothing I can do as there is a 10 PM noise ordinance where I live. I am just so sick of hearing this poor dog bark all day long, I’m about ready to go out of my mind. What can I do?

Crazed Cathy

Dear Crazed Cathy:

I must say, I can certainly understand your frustration. I too would be mad as a hornet as the dog’s barking would create an even WORSE hangover for me.

Call the SPCA and your local chapter of PETA and see if they can be of some assistance. There MAY be something they con suggest relative to that poor dog being left outside in the heat all day. The owner MAY be ticketed, or, a letter might be sent indicating the dog may be taken if someone doesn’t attend to the animal.

If that doesn’t work, I would try distracting the dog by playing music near the fence in the yard. I have read that many times, music distracts them and they will listen to the music instead of barking. Music does indeed sooth the savage beast, or in YOUR case, Puffy the Poodle.

I do have another suggestion regarding sleeping pills and meat, BUT, I could NOT suggest that you do something like that. I hope this helps you. Good Luck…

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