Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:


I live in Alaska where the man to women ratio is 8 to 1. I make you aware of this because I have lived here all my life, am 35 years of age and have never had a lasting relationship. I am reasonably attractive, have a fun personality, and am anxious to meet a man.


I have actively been looking, but to date, have not found anyone I could become serious with. I date, but honestly, the men here are not my type. I am not hard to please Sooz really, but most of the men I go out with are either boring, want to take me to bed on the first date, or are looking to get married and want to rush things along.


Am I too picky?  I need someone who will be sweet, generous, and loving, who will appreciate me and be willing to satisfy my needs. I could really use your advice here so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Alice in Wonderland

Dear Alice in Wonderland:


Let’s back up for just a minute and examine your wants and needs. OK…You want a man who is sweet, generous AND loving right??? SERIOUSLY??? I think there are only about 6 out there with ALL THREE of these qualities who STILL have any interest in getting married.


Then, you don’t wanna go to bed on the first date. Honey…This is ALASKA we’re talking about, NOT California. I mean besides drinking, splitting logs, fishing, and SEX, what else IS there???


I suggest you KEEP your fun personality, but, also “OPEN UP” your OTHER options. Let’s face it, men want sex. If the odds are THAT good, but the pickins’ are SO SLIM, I suggest free wheelin’ it a bit and THEN see what develops.


You STILL don’t have to set the wedding date until you find someone who will treat you right. I’m just thinking that more possibilities will open up as YOU do. I hope this helps.

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