10 Funny Things to Say On An Anniversary Card


1.  Happy 25th…Oh WAIT…It’s only been 5 years. It just SEEMS like it’s been 25.

2.   I feel the same way today day I did when we were married… PREGNANT!!!

3.   I STILL love ya darling after 42 years of marriage. It says I HAVE too right here in the contract.

4.   Happy Anniversary…Happy Anniversary…There, I remembered…Now…HOW many years has it been??????

5.   Our love life darling is like wine…The more we age, the more SOUR it gets.

6.   Happy anniversary to the LOVE of my life. My POOL BOY…JUST KIDDING HERE…LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE…

7.   This year I was going to buy you an expensive toy to play with…BUT…She was already BOOKED…

8.   The longer I’m with you, the more I LOVE you. Man…HALLMARK must really NOT KNOW you…

9.   Our Anniversary means a LOT to me…It reminds me of when we were crazy kids in love…That WAS with YOU right???

10.  Anniversaries are like Birthdays…They come every year but they get OLD fast….

No nasty cards and letters PLEASE… HALLMARK has already SEEN to that…J

Until Later…

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