Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I have something I need to discuss with you. I have been married for 12 years and in our sex life, my husband likes to role play. Now just to explain further, it is not just “normal” role playing.

He wants me to dress up in a sheep costume and then have me pretend like I am a sheep. I do this for him because I love him but honestly, I am a little squeamish and embarrassed about the whole thing.

He gets “extremely” hard and cums like a rabbit in heat so I am afraid to say anything about it. The thing is, it is difficult for me to get any enjoyment out of this because I am too embarrassed.

We have done other forms of role play but this is his favorite and he is beginning to want to do it all the time now. I am afraid that he is becoming obsessed with this animal love making behavior and has lost all focus on me and “my” needs.

I love him very much Sooz yet I am afraid he is exhibiting obsessive compulsive behaviors and that pretty soon if I say no to this behavior he won’t be able to cum at ll. What should I do?

Sheepless in Seattle


Dear Sheepless in Seattle:

OK…Let me be totally frank with you here…This is NOT normal behavior. Role playing is fine and actually enhances the sexual experience BUT…This is just NUTS, LOONEY, WACKO…CRAZY. Get his to see a professional who can help him with this. You’re right, it seems as though he has become obsessed.

It would be better for you both if he nips this behavior in the bud before on his NEXT birthday he asks you to buy him a SHEEP. In the meantime, just tell him there will be no more booty for him unless he drops the animal fetish. This may help his see a therapist sooner to help him with his problem, OR, push him OUT to become a sheep herder. Either way it will be better for YOU. Good luck with this one…

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