Things NOT To Do When I’m Angry


10.  Text my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend–This can be cathartic, BUT, I also  fear I may wind up with a 25 to life charge on my record…

 9.  Cook–I may actually NEED all my fingers so I can text my Ex. later Hehehehe….

 8.  Drink—I have found this out TOO MANY times. Usually I’m drunk in about 10 min. THEN…I pass out BEFORE I can text my DAMN Ex…

 7.  Write a Blog—For SOME reason when I write while angry, I wind up apologizing to the entire blogging world later explaining WHY writing while naked is so FREEING…  

 6.  Have Sex—I am usually Soooooo angry that during sex my sexual energy tends to totally WEAR OUT my partner…They are NEVER the same after…

 5.  Exercise—OK…You CAUGHT me. The ONLY exercise I get is bending my arm taking shots….Ohhhhh and having continuous sex. TRY IT…It WORKS…

 4.  Hold Meetings—Yes…I have done this BUT…Just let me say that he DESERVED to be hung upside down naked and used as a dart board.

 3.  Drive—Sometimes I have the tendency to let off little steam and MAY drive a little fast. Seriously…Is 40 mph over the speed limit REALLY so bad??? It’s NOT like I’m doing it in a SCHOOL zone…

 2.  Talk to Relatives on the phone—This is a REALLY BAD idea. For Example: The other day I was talking to my cousin and told her to “Get outta bed, Lose the PIMP and turn the RED light off…………ROXANNE!!!

 1.  Go to a bar—This has been proven to be BAD. You might wake up like I did…On the POOL table, listening to a Stairway To Heaven, a note taped to my boob saying… “Thanks for a GREAT time Sooz, signed the bar patrons. P.S. You still owe Bubba 25 bones for the last game.” I REALLY hope that means DOLLARS…Yikes!!!

Until Later…

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