Why Is It That:



Why is it that–there is MORE (???) than one way to skin a cat. AND…Who would WANT to skin a cat besides a Sociopathic serial killer???

Why is it that–The Queen of England has a billion dollars’ worth of jewelry, yet she keeps most of it stored away??? Come ON Your Majesty, let’s cash ‘em in and feed an entire third world nation for a year.

Why is it that–You get your PANTIES all in a twist but NOT your Jockey shorts???

Why is it that–Many men cam simply NOT learn how to lower a toilet seat??? Let me help you…Lift seat…Pee… Flush…Lower toilet seat…Repeat at each use.

Why is it that–RUSH HOUR traffic is really slower than a snail’s pace???

Why it is that–We BELIEVE we are handy even though we don’t even KNOW what an Allen wrench IS??? P.S. The Allen wrench was NOT named by some guy named Allen but from a manufacturing co. who bought out the rights to produce them…

Why it is that–Men only LISTEN to women when the topic of Sex, Sports, or Beer is mentioned in the conversation???

Why it is that–Excessive drinking makes us FEEL so good even though it is BAD for us??? Yes….Yes….I KNOW the reason, I was just testing you.

Why is it that–An apple a day keeps the Dr. away even though that apple could be ROTTEN to the core??? See the play on words here with the two different sayings??? Ohhhhhh…NEVER MIND…

Why is it that–Everybody and their BROTHER NEED to know why the chicken crossed the road??? OR…What came first the chicken or the egg??? Seriously, with world poverty, hunger, disease, and pestilence, who really gives a flying F**K???



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