Sue’s Hobby


Most everybody has that little something extra that they are GOOD at and enjoy doing in their spare time. Some folks knit, some play golf, many do scrapbooking; some people even like to jump out of perfectly good airplanes.

Me…I like to WORRY…Yup, that’s right. I worry enough for EVERYBODY about just about ANYTHING. I worry whether the sun will come up tomorrow, (And, if it does, will I be too hung over to appreciate it), I worry about whether someday little girls will get to buy their OWN Jimmy Choo shoes. Let’s face it…We ALL want Jimmy Choo shoes, right ladies?

I worry about world hunger, like where they have NO Burger King. I worry about disease, like infected toe nails from improper pedicures. HELL…I am scared to death of pestilence…(What EVER That is)…Just kidding…I really know what THAT is…It’s like when you have pests that are insolent. I would NEVER keep pets like that…

Then there’s always that dreaded fear of being stalked and killed by a serial killer. Hey YOU laugh but there are between 35 and 50 serial killers walking around in the US an ANY given day. OK…I KNOW what you’re gonna say…I watch the show Dexter on ShowTime and take it waaaaaaaaaaay to seriously.

All in all though is my fear of dying alone. Seriously…WHO wants to die alone? So…If anyone will assure me that they will come to my bedside at the, then I will feel a lot better…

I will be setting up a bucket to put names in so get your names in NOW…I will hold a drawing and whoever wins will get to be at my bedside…Phewwwwww…I feel a lot better now…Just one less thing to worry about. Thanks for listening.

Until Later…




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