Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I am a 35 year old female newlywed who just discovered that my husband has been sleeping with my best friend. I have known Don since I was 25 and we have dated on and off for over ten years.

He has always been sweet to me and has seemed attentive, but he also has had a tendency to be very flirtatious. He is very good looking Sooz and other women have always found him attractive.

He has expressed his love for me time and time again and he says that he is just a flirtatious guy who has no real interest in any other women. He’s told me several times that I am, have been, and always will be his one true love.

I should have known better when he disappeared from our wedding at the same time my best friend did. He has always been a flirt with her but she has a boyfriend who she is over the moon for so I never worried about it.

I have not said anything to him yet about him and Gloria, but my heart is in shambles. I found out about it through a friend of mine who spotted them going into a nearby hotel together. I confirmed it when I got a hold of his credit card statement and saw the charge to the hotel on the same day my friend saw them.

I am so distraught Sooz, shall I confront him and get his explanation, or should I just call a lawyer and kick him to the curb?

Distraught in Dallas


Dear Distraught in Dallas:

Normally, I would say try and work it out through counseling, HOWEVER, this guy is nothing more than a low life, flirtatious, womanizing bastard. He will NEVER change just as a Leopard doesn’t change his spots.

My guess, he has been doing this to you behind your back ALL through your ten year relationship. Some guys just have an ego the size of Kansas and just can’t help their womanizing ways. Cut the ties NOW baby and run for the hills. There is NOTHING worth saving in this marriage. If by chance you take him back, all you will get is pain.

I’m sorry to be so harsh here sister, but save yourself the grief and move on to someone who truly loves YOU. My heart aches for you. Good Luck.

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