Killing Spree Leaves 13 Dead


My usual blog is about humor. Today, based on the Horrible killing spree at the DC Navy yard, I couldn’t write a funny piece when there has been so much tragedy. I stop and reflect about our individual lives and how vulnerable we really ALL are at any given moment. Realizing that things like this DO happen, not only in our country but all over the world is a real wake up call to our Humanity.

What happened when we had picnics on the beach, or were able to go to school without the fear of being gunned down by a crazy gunned assassin’s bullet? I say…Give me those days back. Where has our Humanity gone? Is life no longer thought of as something precious? Has killing people at random become just another sign of the times? I hope and pray that it has not.

Let us stop for a minute today, and once again offer a moment of silence or say a prayer for those innocent victims who have lost their lives. If this tragedy can happen on a military installation where they have armed personnel and high gates, something like this could happen ANYWHERE…

Let us be vigilant, let us be focused, and above all else, let us be SAFE.

Until Later…

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