Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I have a Big problem. I am a single mother with a 12 year old child and I have made a Huge no no mistake. First, let me set the stage. I occasionally do some sexy Sexting on the phone with my boyfriend. I have never really thought anything about it Until now.

The other day I was doing about three things at once and my daughter Elyse asked if she could make a quick call to one of her girlfriends using my phone. Well, I didn’t think anything about it until I Realized that some of my Sexting material was never deleted.

Now, Elyse hasn’t Said anything to me about it but I noticed her face was very red when she handed me back my phone. I don’t know what to do Sooz. Should I bring it up and admit my slip-up or should I just let it drop until she possibly brings up the subject? I am in such a state here and don’t know what to do.

Sexting Susan


Dear Sexting Susan:

Ohhhh boy!!! What the HELL were you thinking in the FIRST place? If you’re gonna Sext somebody, at LEAST have the decency to “Delete All”. You’re right; this could leave a nasty taste in her mouth and make her start wondering about you if she saw anything.

OK…Here’s what you do, ASK her if she “accidentally” stumbled on any of your other texts when she had your phone. If she says NO…Kiss the ground and THANK JESUS. If she DID see your Sexts, sit her down and explain the best you can what she saw and let her know that you made a mistake. Tell her that you are Human just like she is and that NOBODY is perfect.

Apologize for what she saw. Give her a hug and then ask her if she has any other questions. Be direct and don’t lie to her. Set her straight NOW so she doesn’t take this souring experience with her. Good luck…



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