Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

Just so we’re clear, I’m drunk while writing this. Here’s my problem. I like to drink and get drunk. I feel like a million bucks, can conquer the world, and have an urgent need for sex, which I put to use when pissed.

I have always liked to drink but really got the addiction bad after my husband passed away. I am a 43 year old woman who makes good money from my husband’s army pension and my SSI. I say this because I can well afford my daily habit which consists of a bottle of red wine and also one of Vodka.

Bottom line here Sooz is I love the feeling being drunk offers, even though I realize it is not good for my health. People have told me to quit but, I have not hurt anyone, don’t drive when intoxicated, nor am I a belligerent drunk. I am a party girl who just needs to feel good and get some booty back into my life again on a regular basis.

A friend of mine has read your columns and has told me that you too have a bit of an alcohol problem so I wanted to get your opinion. What do you think I should do?

Happy in La La Land


Dear Happy:

I TOO am drunk  happy as I type this. I can say this because well, I’m DRUNK and I wanna. I know EXACTLY what you’re feeling because I too am the same way. I picked up MY habit when I was about 13 though. I offer NO excuses; I just like to get drunk.

Of course my advice would be to go to AA, you don’t NEED to get drunk to have a good time, meet men and get F**KED like a rabbit. However, I too have been told that and just can’t seem to stick with it.  AA has TOO many rules and regulations and I just can’t seem to get past step two as I’m USUALLY drunk after that. Now, am I saying that AA doesn’t work, no, it just hasn’t worked for me. I too am a highly functioning drunk (Usually), and it has had no work or social consequences. MY biggest concern is waking up on the floor. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!

My advice…Try AA…See if it works for you. If NOT, give me a call and we’ll go out drinking…Muah!!!





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