Dildos Dildos Everywhere



That’s right folks….I just typed the DREADED word Dildo…(SHUDDERS)… Now, am I just writing this piece to get attention, YES!!!!!!!!!! I just think that this word needs to be brought to the surface and not just thought of as a Shhhhhhhh topic that we only talk about when drunk.

Come on ladies…We all use them, (Even though we say we don’t ‘cause we don’t want anyone else knowing it). I mean Mr. Happy can’t be around 24/7… PLUS…This way, we can HAVE it as we WANT it. OK….I see you with your mouth open there folks but SERIOUSLY??? Hey we’re all adults here, at least those of us that “SHOULD” be reading this.

My question is, what kind of dildo is RIGHT for you. I mean after all…They come in ALL SIZES…Large ones; small ones, curved ones ,electric ones, rubber ones, glass ones, Twizzler ones, hell even HUGE ones, and strap on ones…So many choices but only ONE Vagina…Phew…

Personally, I own several different kinds, (Turns around to see if anyone is looking). That way, I can use them according to my mood. Although, I must admit, I do like the curvy ones because they can get WAYYYYYY up into “FUN LAND” and hit a few of those elusive G spots. Nothing better when you “have the need” than to just slip one in and wait for Nirvana…

Oh “COME ON”…Don’t give me the fish eye, you KNOW you DO…Anyway…I say that a well-educated woman in today’s day and age should be able to make her own pleasure. So come on gals, start those dildos and let’s have some fun…

P.S. No hate mail from Religious groups…Most of you use them MORE than I do…Thank you…

Until Later…




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