Dear Congress


Dear Congress:

I am writing today because, well, I have no job at the moment and I have some time on my hands. While I don’t understand the ins and outs of Government politics, I DO understand what it means to EAT.

I was just wondering if all of you “ESSENTIAL” folks up on Capitol Hill, who still ARE getting paid, wouldn’t mind SHARING your huge salaries with those of us LITTLE people who have become effected by YOUR shutting down the most powerful Government in the world?

Look, I understand that it is fun being kids and drawing lines in the sand, seeing who can scan shout the loudest, and even stomping off in a HUFF when you don’t get your way, BUT, let me just say that I would be GLAD to help assist you in the mediation process by bringing in my MOM.

She is an OLD Irish woman who KNOWS how to get things done. She has always spoken softly but carried a BIG Shelale. None us kids EVER talked back to her or did ANYTHING that would incur her wrath.

I KNOW you are all good people and BELIEVE in what you’re doing but just remember that while pursuing your course of action, you are also affecting MILLIONS of people. All we ask as Americans is to be treated fairly. We don’t CARE if you make a GAZILLION dollars a year as LONG as it doesn’t affect OUR livelihoods.

Please rethink the course of action that YOU are on currently and think a moment about the millions of people you are affecting. I sincerely believe that if you pursue this course of action we will ALL be happy. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Dear Congress

  1. Please. If I could get paid to be an ass and act like I child, I so would. In fact I am working on that now. No, I’m not trying to get into congress. I’m at least nice enough to not have my behavior affect millions of peoples standard of living.


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