Excuse Me, is That a Booger

Before I start here, “How many people are reading this because of the title?” That’s what I thought…ALL of YOU!!! That’s OK, I too must admit that if I saw this title, I would at LEAST take a glance. Now, on with the post.

I admit I am feeling a little silly right now but this actually happened to me and I’m sure similar circumstances have happened to you. I was at a Political function the other night and the host and I were talking.

Nothing unusual about THAT right, EXCEPT, he had the biggest BOOGER I have EVER seen hanging from his nose. Seriously, if this booger had dropped, it would have caused a 300 mega ton explosion.

Now, in this case, what is the POLITE thing to do? Do I dare bring it to his attention? “Excuse me Sir, you have a BOOGER the size of Antartica hanging from your nose”, OR, do you just let it slide and hope that he goes away soon? I was in a conundrum.

You know how you TRY and NOT stare, yet it’s Soooooo large it’s hard NOT to look? I just wanted to grab the damn thing with my hankie saying there was some dirt there but once again I didn’t want to insult him. My mind kept getting distracted from what he was SAYING and was concentrating how I would extract this hunk of coal from his nose. I mean the damn thing was gonna fall either on his tux or possibly the floor creating a hole the size of Kansas.

Finally, at the last possible moment before imminent danger, his wife came over, took him aside, and with the proper tools extracted this unsightly bolder from his nose.

OK look…I KNOW this was a BOOGER story BUT, I’m sure YOU have one equally as exciting that we would all love to hear. If you DO, make sure you message me as I would LOVE to read it and comment…
Until Later…

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