Ten Things Not To Say/Do While Going Through Airport Security


1.  Telling them you can’t remove your hat for MEDICAL reasons

2.  Saying that you left your passport in your “other” flack jacket

3.  Swearing there was only 3oz of C-4 and NOT 4

4.  Explaining that your 10 ” Bowie knife with you was just an oversight

5.  Asking the TSA agent for the time….In Leboneze….

6.  You’re mearly holding the AKA 47 for a friend

7.  Asking if the in flight movie can be translated to Arabic

8.  Walking through airport security with a turban and a GOAT in tow

9.  You approach the TSA desk with your hands up

10. You explain to the TSA agent that the alcohol on your breath is because you were drinking Malatov Cocktails.

4 thoughts on “Ten Things Not To Say/Do While Going Through Airport Security

  1. I hate airport security. I often come close to arguments with them…the US ones are not nice. But the ones here are not nice either. ugh. The worst of it is that I crack stupid jokes…..”search me!” and all the rest of it…I am so silly in these places.


    • Well…I too pulled the joking card ONCE. I didn’t clear security and I said jokingly…” Oh, you must have missed my gun”. Needless to say they were NOT pleased and I was taken to a separate area where I had to be strip searched…After that…I learned my lesson…Hehehehe..


      • Why can I not learn this lesson? I was nearly shot in Romania because I dashed off to change some worthless Lei or whatever that currency was….and drunk in Amsterdam, must be the only person ever to get interviewed there….and the US …. well that was untidy too….and here, my God here. They are the most humorless people of all coming in here. Makes me feel like leaving again….sigh. I am so stupid….I think I will not change now….it just comes out of me from nowhere….


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