Sooz’s Back To Work Routine


Some of you may remember (Who really give a Rat’s Ass about reading me), that I had re-contracted Pneumonia. I was ordered to stay away from work for God knows what seems like FOREVER and it has driven me BAT CRAZY mindless drivel.

Oh sure I was a good girl for a time…2 WHOLE days, but then, I got REAL tired of watching SOAP OPERAS and even worse…”REAL TV” shows. Who can WATCH that drivel like The Bachelor, or, The Taste??? I would rather eat GLASS and then regurgitate it again.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m SURE there are people out there who just EAT THIS doggy dung UP, it just wasn’t for ME…That being said, I turned my focus on to what I do best…Drink like a fish, and F**K like a rabbit. Some of you may think that I am just saying this but Nooooooooooooooooooooo…It’s true.

 I had been sober for about 2 weeks but THAT however, was because I was in bed and on a GD breathing tube with freakin’ WIRES up my nose. It’s kinda hard to score a good buzz while strapped into one of those contraptions.


Once free from these hideous looking breathing tubes, each day as I would feel better, I would increase my alcohol consumption and then MASTURBATE like there was no F**KING tomorrow.


Last night was my coming out HEALED party. I started in at 10AM with my first bottle of Merlot and Vodka chasers, and partied on until about 3AM. Of course I must admit, I DID pass out and soaked my outfit through with my own piss on the evening occasion (Sorry about the graphic depiction here)…



After waking up with a huge hangover, and then immediately chasing it away with more alcohol, I KNEW I was ready to go back to work, raise a little HELL, and Party on for the future. Don’t worry though; I will only Party HARDY on the weekends, I am just glad to be back to my old self again.

God Bless All of you for caring…

Until Later…




10 thoughts on “Sooz’s Back To Work Routine

  1. We always care, the great nameless mass of us here in the hinterland of the net we like to think of as a real replacement for outside life. Happy new year and good health…




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