Being Bi-Sexual-Rant

I am writing this post to actually make MYSELF feel better. I was at lunch with a friend of mine today and the waitress wasn’t giving us very good service. Now, I could understand if the place was packed or she was short handed BUT…That wasn’t the case.

Anyway, thepoint is, I have been going to this resturant for a couple of years and have been waited on by this same waitress. At the end of the meal, I was a little annoyed because of her service and TOLD her so.

Well…She got all defensive and said to me…” Well I guess I have to expect that from a Bi Sexual bitch”… “WHAT did you just say to me I asked, and she repeated it”. Now, I have been there with men AND women and have been romantic with each BUT…For her to come out and say something like that was very hurtful.

It was almost as if Bi Sexual people have their own ROTTEN personlities or something. I paid the check, and husseled my Bi Sexual ass outta there just as quickly as possible. Later, I called the restaurant back, (After I had calmed down), and spoke with the manager about what had happened.

You could tell from my NOT so nice disposition, (Bi Sexual) I guess, that I was really pissed…He was VERY displeased and said that he would take care of the problem, and then he offered me two free lunches.

That was nice of him to do that BUT, my feelings were STILL very hurt. Hey…It’s not MY fault I am wired like I am. I am really a very nice person if you get to know me. I will give you the shirt off my back, to EITHER a man OR a woman…REALLY…

I am have been very sensitive to this issue since I was a kid. Time in and out I have been ostracized for being ANYTHING but straight. I am so tired of small minded people who judge others on their sexuality as opposed to their actions.

I am over the incident now but I guess STILL pissed off about the whole idea of prejudice. Thank you for letting me vent…I needed to do this….

Until Later…

35 thoughts on “Being Bi-Sexual-Rant

  1. Whenever I run into stories like this, I wonder “who the hell cares what their orientation is?”. I mean, as long as you’re not hitting on my wife.
    Hope the manager spoke to the employee. Maybe she was just jealous?


    • Thanks Guap. That makes me feel better. As a kid I was always being ostracized for my sexual awareness…Tell your wife I said she is very cute. Hehehehehe….

      Appreciate your support.


  2. Very sorry that you had that happen to you.

    I was thinking about the other day, that gays have made so much progress in terms of civil rights and social acceptance. The bisexuals haven’t really gotten any updraft from that broader acceptance. I’ve always thought that female bisexuals have it easier than bisexual males; maybe that’s my misconception. Both are ultimately are mistrusted based on what I’ve seen. It’s like the world is waiting for bisexuals to make a decision. Unfortunately the world isn’t just sexually black or white.

    Wishing you a better tomorrow.


  3. Dearest Sue,
    I’m So Glad You wrote about this experience. Please forgive me, while I step up on my soap box. Who in the F&%# does she think she is to say that to you. I’m a Proud Bi-Sexual Woman, I think You handled the situation as a Lady as you walked out with your Head Held High. Better than to waste your time and energy to verbalize to this Extremely Ignorant person.
    I do Truly hope the Manager spoke with her, actually canned her ass for her Very Inappropriate comment. That’s so Outrageous.
    That was nice to comp you a couple of lunches, although I doesn’t take away the words that caused you pain. Please know You Are Supported!
    Your Friend,
    Anastasia 😊


  4. I cant believe people have such balls to say such hurtful and disgusting things to other people! I wish people shouldnt be so close minded or hateful when it comes to love and relationships. You certainly handled it well, I would have probably thrown the food in her face or punched her, but it wouldnt have solved anything.
    I’m sorry this happened to you, dont let this biatch be a negative influence on you, she is not worth it!
    Hugs, my dear


    • I really thank you for your support. It means a lot to me…Some people are just UNTHINKING!!! It just cut me to the core and brought back hurtful feelings from my youth. Thank you soooooo much for caring… God Bless…


    • Rebecca:
      Unfortunately, tiny bigoted people still exist. Personally…I love everybody until I’m given a reason NOT to. It WAS very hurtful for me because it brought back MANY painful memories from my youth. I know I should have tough skin by now but still haven’t seemed to do well with that “sticks and stones” thing. God Bless you for your GREAT comment, that was VERY supportive and I THANK YOU sincerely.


  5. OMG Sooz! That was just plain disgusting. You showed amazing self-restraint to just pay the bill and leave. My girlfriend and I were recently refused service at a restaurant. That made me angry. I think Bisexual people cop a hard deal from both the straight and gay communities. I know a lot of gay women wont date bisexual women for fear they’ll leave them for a man. I think that’s plain stupid. It doesn’t matter who someone leaves you for, if they’re leaving you then that’s sucky either way. I also love how gay and straight people are so ready to throw stones at bisexual people about their apparent inability to be in a monogamous relationship, however when one look at the plethora of gay and straight dysfunctional relationships going on all over the place it makes you wonder about their credentials. If I were you I’d never go back to that restaurant. Free lunch or not. I wouldn’t want to set foot in there.


    • Steph:
      Just wanted to say I LOVED our comment. You are soooooo right about how the gay community disses us and the straights just don’t get us…When you fall in love, whether it be a man or a woman, the result is to love that person with your whole mind and soul and NEVER leave them…You have much wisdom my dear….
      BTW…I am NEVER eating at that restaurant again…Screw the free lunches…Muah!!!!!!!!


      • Yeah! Good on you. Screw their free lunch. It’s not really free if it comes with a side order of biggot. I don’t identify as bisexual, which is odd considering I was married to a man for 10 yrs before I came out, but I wouldn’t refuse to date a woman because she identified as such. I think the lesbians I know that express that opinion are wrong. I do understand that a lot of them have been hurt in the past, but they have also been hurt by other lesbians, I don’t understand why they make a distinction?


  6. Straight, gay or bi, is it not our business what we do with our butts?! That really gets me when people are so dumb their mouths work faster than their brains…
    Anyway, love you Sooz, you and your bisexual butt πŸ˜‰ just as you are. Mush!!!!


  7. Sooz,

    If I may, I’m gonna engage in stereotypical straight male banter here for a moment. If you’d rather not read it, the next paragraph is a lot better, and truer to me. Bisexual broads are fucking awesome. Sometimes, if you sit up and beg prettily enough they may share with you. Three-some score!

    I totally do not get why so many are hung up on sexuality. Sex is an awesome and beautiful thing. Whether you go for the opposite, same, both, all, or none, sex, that’s how you’re wired and has nothing to do with me. I don’t see people as a sexuality, I see them as people. Sooz, you’re an epic woman, and I’m proud to get to communicate with you at all. Something to consider now that you’re not as upset by what happened: Even though she was speaking moronically, she paid you one hell of a complement. Bear with me: She took time out of her busy life to think about you and to say something to you. Sure it was really fucking stupid, but that is still time she gave to you. In that period, she decided you were the most important person in the world. Now, imagine how she’d have reacted if you thanked her for making you so important in her eyes.

    Lots of love,



  8. I always thought bi-sexuality was simply the most reasonable choice. I mean, you have so many more options if you’re bi, right? It’s good to have choices.


    • The thing is Eric…Our bodies are just wired to be sexually excited by EITHER sex. It makes it even worse for me being a Nymphomaniac also. Seems like I just wanna hop in the sack with just about everybody…I know that probably sounds great to you but for ME, it has many times become a problem. I NEED Sexual release between 6-8 times per day…SOMEHOW!!! Yikes!!! I mean I have been in a board meeting and had to excuse myself to the ladies room to “take care of business” :-(……..


  9. She was obviously in a bitchy mood. Regardless, she should have kept her judgmental mouth shut and just done her job. Remember that people who are hateful are usually miserable people. That’s what keeps me smiling when people try to rain on my parade!


  10. I think it was very brave of you to stand up for yourself when that waitress called you that, but it is even braver that you are sharing this in your blog. I know you are a nice and funny woman. Anyone coud tell from reading your blog. You had faced a lot of trauma in your childhood just because you are Bi, and it’s not even your fault. Bisexual people aren’t disgusting. They are as human as the rest of the people! Honestly, some people can be so cruel sometimes.
    Though I don’t have any bisexual friends in real life, there is a chat I’m on and I know a bisexual person there. Even though we never met, I love talking to that person. So don’t feel down and remember that no matter what anyone says, you are and will always be a human being with feelings.


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