National Boob Day

Today is National Boob day…Just kidding, I don’t know whether it is or NOT, I just wanted to talk about Boobs. Who doesn’t like Boobs? Come on now…Fess up, I KNOW you do…


Let’s be frank, I have ’em, I want ’em and I LOVE ’em. If you’re like me, (Most folks aren’t), you probably think about them at LEAST 6-8 times per day. Why??? Because they are soft with nipples THAT’S why.

To me, it doesn’t matter if you have small boobs, medium boobs, or boobs as Big as the State of Kansas, they are STILL soft with nipples. Kinda get tingly just talkin’ about them.

You may ask…”Sooz, what about man boobs?” To that I say, “Bring’ em on, their soft and have nipples too.” I am just not partial when it comes to Boobs.

You may also ask, “Sooz…Why are you talking about Boobs, was it a slow day at the office?” To that I respond with, “Yes, but I just saw a pair that I wanted to feel and suckle those glorious nipples.” Unfortunately, I saw them from far and I had NOT yet finished my daily paperwork…Alas…

Question: How many people out there love Boobs??? This includes your own. Are you happy with your Boobs or do you want then either up or down sized? Me…I love mine JUST the way they are, two beautiful mountains of solid soft flesh, just waiting for the touch.

Yes…As you may have guessed, I am a little ah… shall we say happy right now, and as such, have an unusually large sex drive going right now; Hense the thought of Mother’s natural milk dispensers.

Don’t get me wrong, I love asses too. I am an impartial judge. How about YOU??? Are you an Ass or a Boob person? I promise this survey won’t go any farther than the entire WORLD…Hehehehe…

Three Cheers For Boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a Boobilicious day…

Until Later…

14 thoughts on “National Boob Day

  1. Boobs are like the sun: You can’t stare at them directly for more than a few seconds, but throw on some sunglasses, and you can stare all day long! 😉

    Actually, I’m more partial to asses. I like asses of all sizes, from small, pert ones, to medium muscly ones, to nice, thick basketball sized buns. Yum.

    Shit. Now I’m hard. bbl


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