The Derrière Must NOT be Forgotten

The Derrière Must NOT be Forgotten

The Derrière Must NOT be Forgotten

I have read a lot of blogs on here about Boobs and how pretty they are etc. But, Let’s not forget the breast on the bottom, THE ASS!!!!!   Don’t get me wrong, I Love my boobs and all boobs BUT… I feel that we are giving the Asses the Heave Ho here…Soooooo….This blog will be dedicated to all the nice looking asses out there.

I must admit, I am a sucker for a nice looking ass, either on a man OR a woman. I see someone walking by and I *inconspicuously* lower my sunglasses and get a nice long look. Hey…don’t judge me…I bet YOU do the same thing don’t you?

Let’s be honest, there is just nothing like a nice looking ass. One where you can just bounce a quarter or ME off of….WHAT?????? Did I just say that…Oops…My Bad!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Be-have Sooz (Austin Power’s voice)…

Let me just paint a picture here. You see a nice guy/girl who has the sweetest, tightest little ass, you picture yourself mentally undressing them to see that beautiful Gluteus Maximus in all of it’s splendor. Then, you GRAB that sweetheart ass and just SQUEEZE the livin’ De-Jesus out of it…Makes me tingle all over…OK…Down Sooz…Keep it together girl…

My point is that Asses are Also a work of art. Think about it, they are really just breasts in a different area of your body right? Muscle…check,…Cleavage…check…, Handle ability…check, see…Their just Breasts, BUTT, (No pun intended…Right!!!), they are grabable, and you can SQUEEZE the everlasting HELL outta them. Shoot, you can even SPANK then to add additional pleasure.

All that I am saying here is that they should also get their just rewards. After all……Asses are Aces.

Until Later…

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