Sexy Tuesday


Gentle breezes flow as night time shadows confiscate sunlight’s glory.

Finally alone, our eyes meet, and passions fury consumes our flesh.

Slowly, he kisses me tenderly. Passion rages as my loins drip from my lust.

He brings me close, caressing my breasts and kisses me from the depths of his emotion.

I can stand it no further; I stroke his capable shaft until it rises willingly.


Clothes fall to the floor; restraint no longer contained.

Breathing labored now, he enters my willing flesh.

Loves labor strokes lust’s pleasure as he deeply penetrates my wanton spirit.

In… Out…, In…Out…No longer could I contain my pleasure.

Building…Building… At last I am consumed by Nature’s desires and explode in a sensual crescendo.


Alone again, I smile, and take pleasure from my lovers picture.









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