The Picture


Warning: This is Adult Content…

Another lonely night, there had been a lot of those lately since Dan passed away, and the feelings of desolation and despair ripped at her soul daily. Getting up from the recliner she walked to liquor cabinet, opened a new bottle of Vodka and poured herself a stiff one.

She had given up that deadly poison when she had met Dan at an AA meeting 12 years ago. Her mind traveled back to a time twelve years earlier when Dan had asked her if she wanted coffee after the meeting, and shyly, she accepted. He was a very good conversationalist and also good looking.

She had been out of the dating scene now for about two years and wasn’t really looking for anyone but, hey she thought, could it hurt to flirt a little? She fell for him almost immediately as that wide smile of his just captivated her heart.

Now, there was no more laughter, just an empty room with pictures reminding her of days gone by. “Dan, oh Dan, she cried out, why did you leave me?” She reached for the bottle and poured herself another drink. The poison, as she called it, was working its magic. She felt a little light headed as she went to the mantle and stared at their wedding picture.

Going to the stereo, she put on their favorite tune, Moonlight Sonata and danced in the moonlight as if Dan were right there beside her. God she felt good, she thought, as once again she reached for the comforting Vodka. She had consumed about half the bottle now and was feeling drunk. How good it felt she remembered as she took another sip.

Tears started to flow as she stared at his picture.  He was tall, showing that wide smile, and wearing that tux he looked like a movie star she thought. Why did that accident have to happen to him? Why was he the unlucky one?

“Why are you crying”,  called a voice from the darkness. She turned around to see only an empty house, it must be the Vodka she thought, yet once again the voice said “I love you Beth”. “Who is that she slurred drunkenly?” She turned towards the bedroom and there he was, smiling at her with that wide grin of his. “Dan, she said, is that really you?” “Follow me Beth, the voice said, follow me.” Into the bedroom the Specter disappeared, as she slowly helped herself up and staggered to the bedroom.

“Take off your clothes Beth”, said the Specter, let’s make love.” She complied as her dress dropped t the floor. “Now your panties”, he said as he watched with an intent gaze as she slowly removed her panties. Naked now, he went to her. He pressed his lips against that sweet mouth of hers as he fondled her smooth, voluptuous ass.

“Oh Dan”, she moaned as her body started to quiver. “Lie on the bed” he instructed, and she did as she was told. “Now, spread your legs wide my darling and let me taste your sweet nectar.” Spreading herself, all of her womanhood was revealed, a beautiful shaved  mound just right for the taking.

She could feel his slow tongue work its magic as she moaned for more. “Take me Dan”, she cried, as he started to feel her engorged breasts and play with those sensuous nipples. “Oh my God”, she cried out, as his tongue, like an arrow had found its target. Climaxing time after time, she was exhausted and fell into a deep sleep.

Awakening the next day, Dan was gone and all that was left was the wet spot on the bed, and the memory of Dan’s wide grin.

Until Later…



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