Ten Things to Do When You’re Bored


  • Get Drunk and Pee on your neighbors flowers
  • Apologize to neighbors AFTER the Cops show up
  • Go to Walmart and PRETEND to be a Greeter with a VERY THICK Accent
  • Apologize to Management when security comes
  • Visit a fire station and yell FIRE!!!!!!!
  • Once released from prison, apologize to the fire chief
  • Swim naked in neighbors pool…If cops show up, explain you are training for the Olympics
  • Fart in a crowed elevator, then turn and look at the person behind you waving your hands in front of your nose
  • Go into Victoria Secret and ask the clerk for a pair of sexy Flannel PJ’S
  • While waiting in a long line, tell people that you need to go first because you have to perform emergency surgery in ½ an hour


        Guess how many of these I’ve done and which ones. Hehehehehehe

        Until Later…

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