Pantyhose…Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em



Let me just say for the record that while pantyhose was a good alternative to Nylons, I hate them. Yup, you will hardly ever see me strapped to a pair of these itchy, harder than HELL to pull up, undergarment.

Personally, I think nylons are MUCH sexier and a HELL of a lot easier to get off when the “need” arises. Plus, when your paramour tries to undress you, you won’t frustrate him/her to the point of giving up BEFORE they are off your body.

Here’s the thing that bothers me…How can anything that is small enough to fit in a freakin’ EGG be expected to be pulled up to our waists??? It’s almost a feat of physical impossibility. I think that they should make putting on Pantyhose an International Olympic sport, the fastest time until it is firmly over the wait (WITHOUT RIPS) wins.

Announcer: “ Ah well Ted, looks like Oxanna got them up in 84 seconds BUT, she had to be disqualified because there was a small rip on the side from her nails”.” They could hold events for each size of pantyhose. Personally, I think the guys AND the girls would like this event, just to see someone struggle pulling up these mini stretchy stockings with underwear.

Let’s talk about the itch factor. Come on ladies; tell me they don’t itch…Here in Phoenix, in the Summer it can get to 112 degrees outside. Try walking around in a pair of pantyhose in THAT temp…YIKES…Plus, they’re HOT!!! Can you say Poison Ivy???

I say stick to something that is tried and true, either I wear nylons or I wear nothing at all…Oops!!! Let me clarify that, what I meant was, I spray tan my legs to have that nice golden brown look. I’ll be damned if you are gonna get me to wear those unnatural things unless I absolutely have to.

How about YOU gals, what do YOU think about wearing them…Let me know, I’d be interested to know I’m not alone here. Sorry LEGGS…You’re just gonna have to come up with something else that we ALL love…

Until Later…

12 thoughts on “Pantyhose…Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em

  1. Warmest thing to wear on night guard duty. Despite the clingy, scratchy, nature of the beast. But hairy legs never did do them any justice, I’m sure. So I appreciate your hate, and I’m glad I don’t wear them as a regular item anymore…




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