How I Find Blogging Ideas


 Finding Blog ideas for me is easy…I STEAL them…No, I’m just kidding, but occasionally I will read someone else’s blog, or a story in the paper, and a light just goes off in my head that says….Hmmmmm…That would be a great Blog idea.

Now, this isn’t ALWAYS the case, sometimes I will just stare at the computer, talk to myself, eat, drink, pee, and then back to the computer to stare. Hey, I’ve even been known to fall asleep just sitting there trying to think of ideas.

For many of my Blogs I just use stuff that happens to me in real life. I’ve always heard that “true humor” IS in real life, and you know what…It’s true. Just pick something that either you have either done, or know someone who has done something silly and then just write about it.

Personally, I like to keep my Blogs light. Many folks write about dark or depressing material, and that’s OK for A Blog, But…I would suggest not making a regular diet of these subjects. People usually like to read Blogs that are either light OR that just have great subject matter that will be interesting to a large audience.

Other great ways to find ideas are to write about either “How To” type Blogs or Top ten lists. People eat these up. Everyone loves finding out “How To” do something or read a comedic top 10 list. I’ve read many “How To” Blogs and have learned quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I still can’t DO any of them, but, I still LOVE reading those Blogs.

Other topics that people tend to follow are health Blogs. By this I mean how to GET and stay healthy. If you don’t believe it, just go to ANY bookstore and see how large the section on this is. This topic is Global so once you start writing these; you tend to have an audience for life.

No matter WHAT topic you choose, ALWAYS use a good title for your piece.  Usually, the catchier the title, the more people you will draw to your blog. The most important part of Blogging though is to just be yourself. If you do, your personality will show and people will be drawn to your Blog. Have fun and just enjoy the writing, if you use some of these ides, you WILL become a successful Blogger. Good luck.

10 thoughts on “How I Find Blogging Ideas

  1. The people I read regularly are the ones that have a distinct voice, and something interesting (to me) to say. Fortunately, that means there’s always something out there for me to read.


  2. I think I write both funny and dark stuff. My poems usually are in a darker tone though some are to simply motivate the the reader. I think you write funny stuff alot but you rarely go in a dark and sad theme.
    As for blogs I reads, it’s just poems, pictures, and drawings. Oh and there’s you too 😀


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