A Letter to Justin Bieber


Dear Mr. Bieber:

I am writing to you today NOT as a fan but as a concerned citizen. Let me just say that your behavior as of late leaves something to be greatly desired.  While I understand that you are a HUGE pop star with millions and millions of dollars, I find that your talent seems to match your outrageous behavior.

Justin, here’s the thing, having millions of dollars and being loved by 13 year girls does NOT give you the right to just do ANYTHING you want. Remember, you are a Public figure now and millions of screaming, snot nosed, pre-pubescent teenagers look up to you as a role model.

In my opinion, you are severely letting them down by your outrageous behavior. Yes, I know that you yourself are only 19 and still getting the feel for the world, but Justin, as a role model now, you have to WATCH WHAT THE HELL YOU’RE DOING!!!

Your drinking, smoking weed, fighting with photographers and the police, and drag racing Lamborghinis is something we do NOT want to encourage in our young. I wish there was a way like a driver’s license we could suspend your career until you straightened up or at least turned 42. Maybe if we could do this it would help you realize the error of your ways.

Now, you might ask me, “Haven’t YOU ever done anything wrong?”, and the answer of course would be SURE. The DIFFERENCE is that I am not being looked up to as a role model. With popularity comes responsibility.

I sincerely hope you read this and take my advice which is: Quit the music industry, straighten up and become the farm boy that you were always destined to be…I look forward to seeing how your sentencing hearing turns out. I can only hope they throw the book at you and send you to a prison with Bubba for a while. By DOING this, I feel you will come out a much more respectful individual…

Thank you for your kind attention…






8 thoughts on “A Letter to Justin Bieber

  1. I don’t understand why celebs, especially young ones, are automatically role models. I’m gonna have to do a post on this!
    But I do agree that this boy needs to get his sh!t together, for his own sake, and maybe for his long term career success.


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