Did You Say Bargain




“Hi…My name is Sooz and I’m a Bargain hunting junkie.” It’s true, I am. I will read papers, watch for special ads on TV, use my Groupons, or do whatever it takes to save a couple of cents, it’s just how I was raised. It’s odd really, I don’t need to bargain hunt, but I guess your childhood routines just stay with you.

Growing up, my mom AND dad taught me the benefits of saving a buck…They needed to, not that we were poor mind you, but the Church mouse that lived in OUR house used to feed US!!! OK…that was bad, I just couldn’t help myself, hey, it’s the day after the Super Bowl for God’s sake.

Anyway, I’m a bargain hunter, you find me a bargoooon, and I am THERE. It really doesn’t matter what the bargain is for either. My favorite thing is shopping for shoes and I just Looooooove to get the bargains here. I also love getting the big discounts on dresses and other clothes.

I dicker with the sales people, just part of my nature I guess. I don’t get belligerent with them however, unless, they really piss me off. I must admit though, I am like a Pit-bull that just doesn’t quit unless I have either brought as much to the table as I can think of…OR, wear my vocal chords out.

Many times you can get the product even cheaper if you tell the sales clerk… “What can you give me additionally % wise if I buy 3 or more of these?” Many times if you buy things in bulk you can get another 10-20 % off.

You would be surprised what a little dickering can do, seriously try it sometime. Even in the larger retail stores like Target or JC Penny’s, the TRICK is to speak with the manager. Many times depending on what the item is, they will give you an extra 10% off and declare the product flawed for THEIR records.

With a little sales savvy and a BIG mouth, you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year…Give it a try…What do you have to lose?



5 thoughts on “Did You Say Bargain

  1. Great advice. I have done some of that before. Sometimes I will just ask for extra off “because I am nice” It helps when you say that to a member of the opposite sex although I think women can get away with it more than men. Either that or it is just me that can’t haha.


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