Do Colors Affect Your Feelings/Emotions



It has long been theorized that colors DO affect how we feel. Since the early 70’s, Psychologists have been studying the effects on colors pertaining to different things.

For example, if I asked you which color would be most likely to arouse sexual attraction, what would you say? Did most of you say red? If you DID, according to the research, you’d be wrong. I too thought SURE it would be red, passion, the heart, etc. Actually, green–yellow, blue-Green, and green are the most arousing. I’ll have to remember that the next time I go out dress shopping. Although, in MY case, I wear them so low cut, the color REALLY doesn’t matter. 🙂

One thing I found interesting, many fast food restaurants paint the colors of their walls bright colors, with shades of yellow-orange or orange. Do you know why, according to scientists, it makes the customers eat faster? Guess what color scientists advise to paint jail cells? If you said grey…BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!….They want to have them painted PINK to provide a more “soothing” atmosphere. Can’t you just see these BIG guys like Bubba, meaner than bears in a pink setting? It’s kinda hard for me to imagine.

Here’s another little ditty, according to scientists, color affects our perception of smell. Back in 2008, a study was done with cherry and strawberry juice. The color of the juices was tinted green and people were asked to smell the juice and see if they could determine the juice by its smell. They couldn’t do it, yet, when given them the regular red color, they had no problem doing so. THIS one I find a little hard to believe. Gonna test this one out myself with a few friends.

Another study done was efficiency while working under different colored lights. Once again, according to the study, when people were subjected to either green or blue lights, their work efficiency was greatly reduced as opposed to working under whhite, or red lights. MY question…Who the HELL cares??? Do you EVER work under blue or green colored lights.

I say we all go out and just buy mood rings, That way we will always know what to do and how to act at any given time. Raise your hand if you BELIEVE any of this drivel…I mean scientific facts. Why did I even write this, I don’t know, just bored I guess? I will come up with something better next time.

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2 thoughts on “Do Colors Affect Your Feelings/Emotions

  1. I am fascinated with colour psychology and know much about it through studying it on the net. I am also surprised thaat you do too. You should read “The complete book of colour” by Suzy Chiazzari. It’s pretty good and handy book on colors 😀


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