The Beatles…50 Years of Entertainment


Raise your hands if you have heard of the Beatles. NO…I’m NOT talking about those creepy crawly little buggers that sometimes infest your house, I’m talking about the musical group with John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Yesterday was the 50th year of the Beatles invasion of America.

Now…Obviously they didn’t really INVADE us, after all, we still speak our own language, and are not all walking around with guitars or drum sets strapped to our backs, but they DID open up a whole new style of music for us all. Ever since they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, a new culture of music had been invented, changing the lives of many forever to come.

That first show was seen by over 70 million viewers, mostly screaming hysterical young girls who could hardly contain their enthusiasm. From their first song, All My Lovin’, to their last, She Loves You, the stage had been set, there was NO turning back. Elvis had just been replaced by the newest and biggest rock band of all time.

The reason for their popularity was simple, it was new and different, a pounding beat that just rocked you to your soul. Of course, the fact that they were ALL cute as HELL didn’t hurt either. It seemed that EVERYBODY had a favorite Beatle. My mom’s was John, she would go on and on and on about how freakin’ cute he was. That’s how I became a fan, listening to each and every record she had ever bought.

I must admit…MY favorite was always Paul. Even today, at almost 72 years of age, he still looks like an Adonis. I would do him in a minute, IF he wasn’t married….(Clears throat)…

Their music has spanned 50 years and has changed with each and every decade. New and innovative songs and styles was the Beatles trademark. Through the years they always remained fresh and their songs have been sung by pretty much all the great singers of our time.

Let us stand now and give them the credit that is due, ladies and gentlemen…The Beatles…


6 thoughts on “The Beatles…50 Years of Entertainment

      • I’m not sure, Maybe the Allman Brothers? (The answer changes daily)
        Of course, I wasn’t born til the 70s, and the Beatles weren’t the first band I heard. so by the time I came around to them, I’d heard it before, so that sound wasn’t “new” to me, even though I know they did the adaptations of what became rock and roll first on a grand scale.


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